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Optimal PTC: The Best Solution for Parent Teacher Conferencing.

Optimal PTC is a unique program for school administrators designed to automate the process of scheduling parent-teacher conferences.

How is this system different from other conferencing systems?

  • Unparalleled parent experience.
    Optimal PTC has eliminated the frustrations many parents experience when trying to find available time slots for multiple teachers.
    Just like booking an airline flight, Optimal PTC finds the best schedule that matches parent and teacher availability regardless of the number of teachers that a the parent would like to meet.

  • Unparalleled administrator experience.
    Administrators are fully empowered to design and manage schedules that maximize parent and teacher satisfaction.

Optimal PTC Key Features:


  • No need to pick and choose between available time slots. Optimal PTC will generate the best available schedule that matches teacher availability with parent preferences. 
  • Don’t know how to get from one classroom to another? Optimal PTC will generate “walking-instructions” to help parents navigate an unfamiliar school and arrive at their next appointment without delay.
  • Print schedule
  • Email schedule
  • Download schedule to Outlook or Gmail Calendar


  • No more time spent with pencil and paper to create a schedule
  • Create custom schedules for each teacher (any length, any number of days, etc.) quickly and easily.
  • Print out or email schedules
  • Manage/override parent schedules.
  • Full control of all aspects of the parent and teacher site (when can they log-in, when can they schedule, etc.)
  • Online access to view and print out teacher schedules.
  • Teachers can be designated to manage parent schedules.
Now in our 8th year!

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Parent teacher conferences can be one of the most stressful events in a school's calendar for parents, teachers and administrators.

With Optimal PTC, administrators not only manage this process smoothly and efficiently, but they also create a positive experience for parents -- a key ingredient in a successful parent teacher conference event.

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